Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Body Count

1 - Bloated me from eating too much.

Ate a great breakfast, a relatively healthy lunch, blew the whole thing out of the sky with 'dessert'.

How it broke down:

1 - too big piece of coconut bunny cake (And I am not kidding, TOO big)
1 - tablespoon of Culver's vanilla custard
1 - tablespoon fat free Cool Whip
3 - chocolate egg truffles from Stam's
1 - Reese's peanut butter egg (Webgal is right, they are insidious)
1 - head of a Stam's duck truffle, very cute until I bit it off

That lead to a dinner that was much healthier:

1 - banana
1 - cup Go Lean Crunch
1 - container Yoplait fat-free vanilla yogurt

One trip to bed with the vow that I learn to control myself by the next time the Easter Bunny bounces to my house.

Yours in (un)health, Kate

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