Monday, March 10, 2008

From the beginning... 3/10/08

It's Girl Scout Cookie time! Ah crap!

I love the little girls and their will to sell - sell - sell their way to camp and Chinese-made chotzkys but I truly believe evil lurks in those little boxes.

Cue evil Scout master laugh here. Enjoy the 80's cheese, evil scout leader shot at the end - unless you count making girls tease their hair to those heights as child abuse, then it's full-on evil throughout.

Now back to the reason I actually began my post. The cookies arrived today from my friend Bobby's daughter Rachel. I 'had' to buy from her, because as you know, it's an office ritual. And SOMEDAY Caelen will be selling something and I have a long memory. Anyway, it's 4 boxes of 'not-on-my-list-of-things-to-eat' goodness and I have followed through on dealing with this via a 'beginning tip'.

First, only open one box at a time. Then, only open one sleeve of cookies at a time. Walk sleeve back to general food area where people help themselves if you leave anything sitting out too long. (Reminder this will pertain to carrot sticks if people are desperate enough.) Put sleeve on table, take out one cookie for you. Eat slowly and meticulously, enjoying every bite as you walk away briskly. Wait 15 minutes before going in area again - offending cookies are now gone, crisis averted.

Tomorrow repeat and every day there after until all boxes of cookies are gone. The bonus to this is two fold: You get the 'taste' you promised yourself when you ordered them. You look generous for 'sharing'.

You're not sharing, you are removing a food bomb from your presence. But, no one needs to know, that's our little secret. And that's how the cookie crumbles... down someone else's blouse.

Yours in health, Kate

P.S. - I am going back to the gym today. As you can see from my post I am feeling better. (And mischievous.)


  1. Kate -

    I'm with you! Geeeesch. Those cookies are from the dark side... to be sure.

    Plus... I'm a sucker for buying them. I feel like the scout master hands out a google map to my house when they roll out each year's cookie program.

    I'm guessing that they say something like "Kids... if you hit the Matthews house... you're sure to win an I-pod, a trip to Disney for your family and maybe a little something for your college fund. Oh... and know that their suckers for the thin mints! Go get 'em girls!"


    So... as I'm looking at the 4 boxes sitting on our kitchen counter... I'm thinking I'm going to employ your suggestion.

    I'm just not sure I can hold myself to just one... before I lay the sleeve down in front of friends!

    Love it. Keep the cookie wisdome coming!

  2. Mitch - LOL. That is so funny!

    I had a tag-a-long today. Then this afternoon I ran 3.25 miles, that evens out right?