Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day off to volunteer

I just didn't have time to workout today. I worked and did volunteer work. But the volunteer work was two fold - lunch to consult on a marketing plan and then the late afternoon/early evening was working at the Planned Parenthood Book Sale.

The later lead to a lot of walking and heavy lifting because on opening night I volunteer in the holding area. That's where people who are dealers or collectors bring their endless purchases to be kept until they are ready to check out.

It actually ended up being great for my glutes and upper back. Today I will go back after my workout, but my job will be much less physical - I'll be at the checkout.

Reminder - the book sale is through Monday. It's a great way to stock up and cheap. For more go here.

Yours in fitness, Kate


  1. Way to combine working out and volunteering! I volunteered yesterday too at a multimedia display for World Vision Experience: Aids. volunteer experience was to sit in a tiny booth and be silent for 4 hours...pretty much the opposite of yours! :)

  2. LOL. I've heard that is quite a powerful display. I made sure to include it on our to-do lists on the radio station websites.

  3. It's defintely very powerful...