Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stomach Bug - AGAIN - Day 2

Ick. I went to bed at 6:15 last night and slept for the most part until 3 this morning and ick. I am at work, because frankly being gone is not an option. I am going home earlier than usual though. This has been the week of getting very little done.

Speaking of which, this is day 3 with no workout. Tuesday I had a couple of fillings done and couldn't eat. Working out with no food is a 'no-no', so I didn't. By the time I was able to eat it was too late. Then I got home and went to untie my shoe and had this huge head rush. It made my needle marks throb and I realized what it might have felt like if I had worked out. Yea, not good.

Yesterday - stomach bug and couldn't eat.

Today - stomach bug and having trouble eating again.

Tomorrow - I will be back at the gym come hell or high-water. I haven't taken three days off from working out since September when I landed in the hospital! It's driving me more than a bit crazy.

Speaking of that little incident, it taught me two very important lessons: A. drink water, even if you can't keep it down. 2. eat even if you can't keep it down. I haven't been throwing up (thank god) but I can barely eat anything.

In two days I have probably taken in 1,000 calories - not good. Because lesson #2taught me that my body really needs the calories from food to fight cooties, it will not use stored fat. Damn inconvenient too, because I have a couple of places I would happily give up fat to defend my immune system. Now THAT would be spot reducing!

Oh well, done whining. Back to work. And tomorrow... BACK TO THE GYM!

Yours in (icky) health, Kate

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  1. Feel better! I recommend the BRAT-y diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, and maybe yogurt as you start mending.

    Oh, and if you are going to throw up, cherry popsicles. They still taste good coming up.