Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Butt o' Steel

Met with trainer Traci at Fitness World West yesterday. We did measurements before we did my session, because we hadn't done them in a couple of months. (The workout was great, by the way. She showed me tons of new moves.)

Two measurements that are of note:

Body fat: 21.3%
That puts me 1.3% away from my goal of 20% body fat. That's extremely athletic without going crazy. Any lower than 18% and women's bodies start to freak out and skip periods and things. (Not that I would mind that side effect.) So that puts me 6 pounds of fat away from my goal. I have rededicated myself to shrinking the fat cells in a serious manner. Now, I just have to figure what that means.

My hips: 41 inches
An almost 2 inch increase, that surprised me. Part of that measurement is extra skin, but mostly it's booty. That's right, I didn't notice until a few days ago that I am turning into Jennifer Lopez. I am building a majorly muscled derriere. I can't crack a walnut yet, but yes, I can flex it and hold! Some people think her butt is big, whatever, she has a great shape and she seems happy and that's all that matters. Now I just have to accept that my bottom measurement may never be the 36 a girl fantasizes about. I'll get there. In the mean time I will wonder at my butt o' steel and be amused. Who knew muscles could just 'pop' up?!

Yours in fitness, Kate


  1. Congrats on your numbers! You are a body fat losing machine!

    And as a female with a white-girl-itis and a padonkadon't, I am jealous of your butt!

  2. That's awesome!

    I'd hold off on the butt muscle walnut cracking thing though...I mean...who wants to eat a walnut that was cracked with your butt? :)

  3. LOL. You two rock has hard as my butt! ;)