Friday, March 21, 2008


I am rediscovering my womanliness (yes, it's a real word) and finding that I am lacking practice in certain areas. One of them is flirting. So, I have been practicing on everything in pants.

MAYBE one out of every 10 guys I actually have the thought, "This guy's kind of cool." But mostly they are victims of my burgeoning urges. Luckily, thus far, most of the guys have simply flirted back and not thought anything more of it.

Wait is that lucky or should that tell me something?

Am I bad at it? Am I not attractive enough to try to go beyond a casual flirt with? Is it like my mother says, do I scare men? Ah hell, who knows! Frankly, it doesn't matter.

I am going to just keep practicing and enjoy myself.

Yours in (heart) health, Kate


  1. You should check out Superflirt by Tracey Cox. It's helpful. Geez, I wish I would have kept all my dating propaganda.

    And yes, you're attractive! Don't be silly.

    I'm going to quote the fabulous Elle Woods, "Trust me. You've got all the equipment. You just need to read the manual."

  2. Did you know you are like the best sister-in-law ever?

    The Elle Woods line is a classic! I have to watch that again the next time Lori is on an extended weekend away. She thinks it's ludicrous, but then, she's a lawyer. :)

  3. ms_h, you're making me blush!

    I have a girl crush on Reese Witherspoon. I made Casey watch Sweet Home Alabama last night.

    Bend and snap!

  4. Thanks Webgal. Practice makes perfect... :)