Monday, January 28, 2008

From the beginning...

Tip - Log your food.

This was something I didn't pick up until a week or two into my journey, it made all the difference. Early on, I had no idea what a portion was, how many calories were in it or what (if anything) my body might be getting out of it nutritionally. Keeping a journal which counted my calories, fat, fiber, protein and basic vitamins for me, let me concentrate on the whole picture instead of carrying a book around.

I kept mine online - for FREE - at The link is to the right here on my blog. It was a great easy choice because then I was also eating a lot of Lean Cuisine - simple portion control.

On the site you go under the tools section and you will be able to set-up a profile, keep track of your weight, BMI and indeed, food.

It really woke me up to how quickly I ate up my calories in a day and allowed me to plan ahead. In fact, they even have an option to plan meals for you based on a specific type of diet or calorie count you are seeking. I did try that briefly, but it was not for me. The low calorie ones did not account for fat and I wanted to be conscious of both. (Even though, I know, a calorie is a calorie.)

So try it, set-up a 'flog' - yea, I coined that - short for 'food log'. It will never catch on... but then again, blog did. ;)

Yours in health, Kate

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  1. Um, I love flog and will start using it in my every day vernacular.